About us

Not satisfied by where things were going with our daily job we created Digital Nomad - mobile and web development team.
We believe in clean code, design patterns, code evolution and constant change.



The simplest point of sale (POS) Android app for the Croatian market. Marketing and sales are done by Tele2 - one of the largest European mobile service providers. Developed from scratch, both the back-end and the Android app. User average daily acquisition is 5. User projection is >1000 till EOY 2017.


An end to end encrypted messenger. Messages are encrypted on sender devices and decrypted on receivers. Encryption is done by the receiver key (which changes) periodically, making Flashpaper practically the most secured messenger on market. Messages are not stored anywhere except on end devices. Messages, on both sender and receiver ends, can be deleted. When deleted, they are removed from both devices. The server was done in Node.js.

PTK SAS Android Warehouse App

Android development for a warehouse application. Development and maintenance

Inca Mail 4

Consulting and programming for Swiss Post Solutions mailing iOS app.

Professional Property Calculator - Android

App developed for Tverin Realestate, Ltd., for the real estate investment calculator developed for professional property investors, sourcing agents, real estate brokers, and developers.

Rivetz Authenticator

Mobile client development and maintenance


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Contact info

Address: Iločka 25, 21000 Split, Croatia
Email: marko@digital-nomad.hr
Company: Digital Nomad d.o.o.
CEO: Marko Perutović
MBS: 060336587 , TS Split
OIB: 54446632122
Share capital: 20.000,00 kn
IBAN: HR6723400091110754074
10000 Zagreb
Radnička cesta 50
OIB (bank): 02535697732


Tražimo Front-end developere

Tražimo Front-end developere sa iskustvom u Javascript (React.js) za razvoj i unaprijeđenje front-end erp sustava

- iskustvo u radu s React.js / React Native
- iskustvo u radu s Redux-om
- iskustvo u radu s HTML5, CSS-a i Javascripta
- iskustvo u radu s Git-om

- fleksibilno radno vrijeme
- dobru radnu atmosferu
- konkurentna primanja s mogućnošću rasta
- mogućnost rada i napredovanja u vodećim tehnologijama